Sunday, July 08, 2012

Challenge Me Happy Birthday Hoopla - Hannah

The second challenge is Hannah's recipe challenge, the ingredients are:

1 stamped image
2 staples
3 cardstock
4 words in title
5 patterned papers
6 stickers

Plus ink/mists & journalling if you like.

My stamped image is the leaves at the bottom of the flowers, 2 staples are on the beautiful sticker, 3 cardstocks are the black border, white backing the banner & green backing a sticker under the butterfly, 4 words in the title, 5 pp are the 2 main ones, also 2 in the flowers & 1 for the butterfly, 6 stickers are: lovely/beautiful/the banner & there are 3 layered underneath the butterfly-I hope these show up ok.

The photos are of Aimee all dressed up to go to the Year 8's leavers formal for her school last year. It is a special occasion as they finish primary school & move onto high school next year. As an added bonus Aimee was named best dressed girl for the night!

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